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IPC-A-610 Certification CIS Course

The world standard in PCB inspection criteria for assembled PCBs is the IPC A-610 formally known as “Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies”. It includes hundreds of pictures, tables , diagrams and references developed by industry subject matter experts. It is THE definitive source for the inspection criteria for consumer grade, commercial grade and high reliability electronic assemblies.


The industry trade group, the IPC, develops the standards based on industry input and prints, distributes and monitors and develops the training program for this standard. By taking on this certification training you can demonstrate your commitment to discerning customer requirements and assists companies interested in quality assurance programs such as ISO-9000 or others.

IPC training comes with it a recognition and legitimacy worldwide in the electronics industry. Many individuals have been trained to be IPC-A-610 Certified IPC Trainers. The IPC-A-610 training and certification program for company trainers provides quality training materials, online testing and certification housing and detailed instructional plans for IPC training application specialists. These candidates typically come from nearly every level in the electronics “food chain” including but not limited to purchasing, sales, process engineering, quality and more.

IPC-A-610 training and certification program has two tiers of certification including both trainers and applications specialists. Trainers are sent by their respective employers to IPC training centers to receive standardized extensive training. They are certified as trainers after sitting through the instruction and passing the online tests. Potential IPC training instructors can “challenge test” at the training center if they feel like they know the material already . These trainers are then given the material and knowledge to train associates as IPC CIS candidates. The IPC A-610 CIS training consists of a modularized training course which is modularized or customized to the needs of the specific employer. In both cases the IPC solder certification program cert is valid for a 2 year time period. Recertification is also done at an IPC training center.


Columbus OH Solder Training

The city of Columbus, Ohio has an economy which is extremely diverse. Industries found in the city and surrounding areas include insurance, healthcare, retail, technology, education, banking, aviation, steel, energy and medical research. In fact, the biggest steel foundry in the United States, Columbus Steel Castings, operates just outside of Columbus. Additionally, as the state capital, many jobs are provided by government institutions.

A number of Fortune 500 companies have their headquarters in the city, ranking it 5th in the United States in this regard. Columbus prides itself on the diversification of its many industries. This diversification was one of the main reasons why the economic downturn of the 2007 recession had little impact on business here.

With the manufacturing industry a prominent player in the economy of the region, the need for skilled workers is paramount. BEST is an award winning leader in solder training in Columbus, specifically with regard to solder techniques. At BEST, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide Columbus, Ohio solder training which will help to improve the skills of your workforce.

We provide training and certification in numerous important fields. These include IPC-A-610, IPC J-STD-001, IPC-A-600, IPC/WHMA-A-620, IPC 7711/7721 and IPC Master Training for operators and instructors.

Our Columbus Ohio solder training courses emphasize “hands-on” work where each trainee is ultimately judged on the quality of the work they produce. We have trained many large corporations including Ericsson, Tellabs, Plexus and 3COM. You can be sure that BEST has a solder training solution to suit your needs.

BEST Columbus Ohio solder training can take place at our training facilities, or even on your own premises. This is thanks to our mobile training center, which is the only one of its kind in the region. In fact, we are the only IPC Certification Center to offer this facility. Contact us today to let us plan your customized solder training in Columbus, Ohio.

Ann Arbor Michigan Solder Training

The city of Ann Arbor, Michigan is home to one of the leading research universities in the United States – The University of Michigan. This institution is paramount to the economy in the region and employs over 30,000 people, of which 12,000 are found in the university’s medical center alone.

A number of technology companies are also based in the city, largely thanks to the research and development funding from the University. Another factor is the number of high-quality graduates Ann Arbor produces.

Although the University of Michigan drives much of the economy in the city, other important industries include health services, research facilities, laboratories, automobile manufacturers, and a number of high-tech industries. In recent years, both web development and online media companies have started to spring up in the city as well; either as expansions from other areas, or as start-up companies.

Skilled workers are highly sought in Ann Arbor in numerous fields, including research and manufacturing industries. BEST, a leader in training to electronics-based technology in the region, provides Ann Arbor, Michigan solder training to industries in the city itself, as well as in outlying areas. BEST is well respected in their field, having provided training for many clients including Motorola, Nokia and IBM.

As a leader in Ann Arbor Michigan solder training, BEST will provide your workforce with the required training and certification in many areas including IPC Master Training Certification for both instructors and operators.

Our Ann Arbor Michigan solder training courses are specifically designed to ensure “hands-on” training and can be undertaken at our facilities. We also offer our mobile training center, which we can bring to your premises. We are able to meet your training needs, developing a tailor-made program for you, whether you’re looking for single training, or the training of large groups.

Grand Rapids Michigan Solder Training

Grand Rapids or “Furniture City” as it is often called, is the main furniture manufacturing location in the United States. It is home to the five largest office furniture companies in the world.

Although furniture manufacturing is the primary contributor to the economy of Grand Rapids, the city is still is home to a very diverse range of other industries. Among these are healthcare and information technology, as well as a large number of manufacturing based companies producing consumer goods.

As with most modern cities, Grand Rapids attracts a number of companies, especially in the field of manufacturing. In fact, it is ranked in the top 10 United States cities for automotive, biopharmaceuticals and metal manufacturing. It is also ranked in the top 20 for the manufacturing of plastics.

With manufacturing playing an important part in the economy of the city, a large emphasis is placed on skilled workers, especially those trained in the field of solder techniques. Grand Rapids, Michigan solder training, provided by BEST, allows employers to support their workforce, so they can stay at the forefront of current practices in the field of solder technology. The training also allows workers to learn new skills in their field as new techniques and equipment come to the fore.

BEST is not only a leader in Grand Rapids, Michigan solder training, but provides certification in a number of areas in this important field of manufacturing. These include IPC Master Training Certification for both instructors and operators, IPC-A-610, IPC J-STD-001, IPC-A-600, IPC/WHMA-A-620 and IPC 7711/7721.

Grand Rapids, Michigan solder training programs provided by BEST can be conducted at our facilities which are just around the corner in Chicago IL or we can bring our mobile training center to your workplace. We are able to train from 1 to 100 employees, and will structure a program to suit your needs.

Detroit Michigan Solder Training

Detroit is one of the most influential cities when it comes to the overall economy of the United States. It is recognized as the capital of the world’s automobile industry, but other important sectors also contribute towards its economy. These include finance, life sciences, information technology, advanced manufacturing, as well as engineering.

With America’s three biggest automobile companies situated in the city, manufacturing plays perhaps the biggest part in its economy. Over 500,000 workers are employed in ‘high-tech’ industries, with 70,000 in automobile manufacturing alone. Not only is this industry key for providing jobs in the city, but it also contributes significantly toward tax revenues. A Center for Automotive Research study showed that $91.5 billion and $43 billion were paid to both state and federal tax respectively 2010.

Detroit is certainly developing in other fields as well, and is one of the top five financial centers in the United States. It is also ranked 5th for employment in the emerging technology field in the country.

With the automobile industry at the forefront of the city’s industries, and the a larger emphasis is placed on workers with a particular skill set. One of these skills, due to the fast increase in electrical controls systems including electronic powered sensors in a vehicle, which is highly sought is soldering. Detroit Michigan solder training, provided by BEST, is an extremely helpful way to increase the skill set of employees. It is also useful for those who are currently unemployed and looking to upgrade their skill set.

As a leader in Detroit, Michigan solder training, BEST provides IPC Master Training Certification for both instructors and operators. Courses include IPC-A-610, IPC J-STD-001, IPC-A-600, IPC/WHMA-A-620 and IPC 7711/7721. We provide training for 1 to 100 students, either at a training center, or onsite with our mobile training center. For your solder training needs, contact BEST for a Detroit, Michigan solder training program specifically adapted to your needs.

Illinois Solder Training

The state of Illinois has a robust economy that includes businesses of all sizes and from a range of different industries. From agribusiness and the energy industry, to life sciences and advanced electronics manufacturing, it has one of the most diverse business sectors in the nation. With seven research and technology parks, Illinois is becoming an environment where the industries of the future can thrive.

The state’s ability to compete in this ever-changing economy comes from its well-educated work force and a state government that is dedicated to building and maintaining an atmosphere where high-tech ventures can be successful.

With a technologically advanced workforce and some of the most innovative entrepreneurs in the country, the state is in a good position to become more competitive in the technology sector. However, the government, the citizens, and the business leaders, will need to take steps to keep this progress going. For the state’s workforce, that means a continued effort toward learning and advancing the skills that attract high-tech businesses.

For the manufacturing jobs of the future, one skill that technical firms are going to require is soldering. BEST is ready to help the businesses and workers in Illinois to develop the skills that they need to stay competitive in the modern manufacturing sector. Illinois solder training is available at BEST locations, or a business can arrange to have the mobile classroom brought wherever it is needed.

All Illinois solder training classes are taught by master instructors and they can be tailored to meet the needs of the client. BEST offers operator and instructor courses for IPC-A-610, IPC-A-600, IPC 7711/7721, SMT and Advanced SMT, BGA Rework and more. Being a leader in the technology training industry, BEST is uniquely positioned to provide businesses in Illinois with all of their solder training needs.

Missouri Solder Training

Missouri has an economy where businesses of all sizes can thrive. While the state does have a strong agricultural sector, the industries of aerospace, healthcare, chemical production, bioscience and electronics manufacturing also play major roles. In addition to these sectors, Missouri is also one of the leading states for the mining of lead and limestone.

As with many states, manufacturing is starting to take on a larger role in the state’s economic picture. While more traditional forms of production are part of this growth, much of it has come from the advanced manufacturing processes that produce items for the tech sector. This includes products for aerospace, nanotechnology and automation.

Part of the reason that companies in need of advanced manufacturing services come to Missouri, is because the state has a workforce that is equipped with the skills that are needed. With an attractive workforce, and the state’s business friendly atmosphere, growth in these high-tech industries is expected to continue for some time. Due to this, working to stay current with the times will always be necessary.

The business leaders of the state will need to continue to be innovative and productive, the state government will need to maintain the qualities that make the state a great place to do business, and the workers will need to stay competitive by acquiring and maintaining the skills that are needed. One of the skills that these workers and businesses will need is Missouri solder training.

BEST is a company that provides solder training for some of the biggest companies in the world. With a range of diverse Missouri solder training programs and the latest equipment, businesses can obtain first-rate solder training for their staff.

Clients can choose courses at one of the many BEST training centers throughout the country or they can arrange for Missouri solder training and certification from the mobile training center. Contact BEST to learn more about the different options that are available.

Michigan Solder Training

Michigan has a reputation as an industrial powerhouse of a state. This is where America’s automotive industry was built, and it is still the current leader in American car manufacturing. Along with being home to America’s top car manufacturers, it is also one of the nation’s leaders in research and development, and it is home to one of the best overall environments for manufacturing of all types.

Michigan has always been at the forefront when it comes to the electronics technology found in automobiles (accident avoidance systems, self driving vehicles, auto parking, etc) and that is unlikely to change any time soon. In addition to that, the state is also one of the leaders in fields like information technology, advanced manufacturing, defense, medical device production, water technology, food processing and much more.

Michigan attracts businesses in these high-tech fields because it is a state with a great environment for business. The state government is continually finding ways to invest in growth, the state is home to businesses that have experience with the latest technologies, and it also has a workforce that is already equipped with many of the skills that tech firms need.

For companies that want to compete in this advanced and ever-changing economy, it is important to have the resources that are needed. This includes the facilities to manufacture the products of the future, but also employees with the skills to do the work. This means that, along with other skills, there will be a high demand for Michigan solder training.

The instructors at BEST are some of the most experienced when it comes to providing solder training and certification. With training locations around the country and the BEST mobile training center, businesses have a range of options that can fit the needs of almost any employer. Contact the team from BEST for Michigan solder training and certification courses that are some of the most advanced available.

Kentucky Solder Training

Kentucky is a state with great opportunities. Long a home to some of the nation’s agricultural and mining industries, it is also a place where electronics manufacturing and energy production is growing. Much of the electricity in the US is produced with enriched uranium or coal which comes from Kentucky, and the state has natural resources that could be important for a range of emerging industries in the tech sector.

While Kentucky has always been known as a state with great mineral resources, much of the mining has left for countries where resources can be obtained at a lower cost. In the place where mining once was, industries like manufacturing and energy production stepped in to fill the void. However, mining still has a place in the current and future economy of the state, such as the mining of Kentucky’s clay for the building of superconductors.

Due to resources being needed for the production of high-tech items and manufacturing facilities around the state, it only makes sense that advanced manufacturing firms would look to Kentucky as a likely place to do business. Additionally, businesses are attracted to the state because of its dedicated workers and lower operational costs. To bring these investments to the state, workers will need skills like Kentucky solder training.

Businesses that want to compete for many of these advanced manufacturing contracts will need employees that can perform the work that companies need. BEST can provide Kentucky solder training for companies that want to get in on the growing electronics manufacturing sector. BEST has training and certification courses that cover all electronic components including, SMT and BGAs.

With BEST, tech firms get Kentucky solder training that can be designed to fit their individual needs and instruction can be provided in a range of different formats. We have instructors and places for solder training in neighboring Tennessee as well as a mobile training center which can come to your location. Get in touch with the team from BEST to get more information about the courses and certifications that are available.

Iowa Solder Training and Certification

Iowa is a state with a robust and diverse economy (anon on of the “filtering” states for helping us to choose new presidents). For many people that are not familiar with the state, they assume that farming is the primary economic driver. While farming may be an important part of Iowa’s economy, it is really only one piece of a much larger picture that includes advanced manufacturing, biotechnology and renewable energy.

In recent years, one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy has been the tech industry (with a great degree of emphasis on electronics). With Iowa being a particularly business friendly state, it has attracted millions of dollars in investment from some of the leading names in tech. Iowa attracts interest from information and technology businesses because it offers a low cost environment, strong infrastructure, and a workforce that is well-educated.

To stay competitive, the state government and the business community will need to continue to work and provide this attractive environment. Keeping the cost of business low, and providing great opportunities for investment will help, but an attractive workforce with advanced skills like Iowa solder training, will always be a key factor to keep the state’s economy growing.

Electronics manufacturing is a skill that is in high demand in the modern manufacturing sector. With that being the case, many of the technical firms in the state will need Iowa solder training for their employees. With the soldering instruction team at BEST, employers get professional training opportunities to ensure that their staff has the skills that attract investment.

BEST has been serving the state of Iowa, and much of the country, for training courses that cover everything from IPC-A-610 to SMT and more. Training can be provided at one the many BEST training centers, or clients can request on-site services with the BEST mobile training center. Contact BEST for an Iowa solder training program that is both effective and versatile.