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Ann Arbor Michigan Solder Training

The city of Ann Arbor, Michigan is home to one of the leading research universities in the United States – The University of Michigan. This institution is paramount to the economy in the region and employs over 30,000 people, of which 12,000 are found in the university’s medical center alone.

A number of technology companies are also based in the city, largely thanks to the research and development funding from the University. Another factor is the number of high-quality graduates Ann Arbor produces.

Although the University of Michigan drives much of the economy in the city, other important industries include health services, research facilities, laboratories, automobile manufacturers, and a number of high-tech industries. In recent years, both web development and online media companies have started to spring up in the city as well; either as expansions from other areas, or as start-up companies.

Skilled workers are highly sought in Ann Arbor in numerous fields, including research and manufacturing industries. BEST, a leader in training to electronics-based technology in the region, provides Ann Arbor, Michigan solder training to industries in the city itself, as well as in outlying areas. BEST is well respected in their field, having provided training for many clients including Motorola, Nokia and IBM.

As a leader in Ann Arbor Michigan solder training, BEST will provide your workforce with the required training and certification in many areas including IPC Master Training Certification for both instructors and operators.

Our Ann Arbor Michigan solder training courses are specifically designed to ensure “hands-on” training and can be undertaken at our facilities. We also offer our mobile training center, which we can bring to your premises. We are able to meet your training needs, developing a tailor-made program for you, whether you’re looking for single training, or the training of large groups.


Michigan Solder Training

Michigan has a reputation as an industrial powerhouse of a state. This is where America’s automotive industry was built, and it is still the current leader in American car manufacturing. Along with being home to America’s top car manufacturers, it is also one of the nation’s leaders in research and development, and it is home to one of the best overall environments for manufacturing of all types.

Michigan has always been at the forefront when it comes to the electronics technology found in automobiles (accident avoidance systems, self driving vehicles, auto parking, etc) and that is unlikely to change any time soon. In addition to that, the state is also one of the leaders in fields like information technology, advanced manufacturing, defense, medical device production, water technology, food processing and much more.

Michigan attracts businesses in these high-tech fields because it is a state with a great environment for business. The state government is continually finding ways to invest in growth, the state is home to businesses that have experience with the latest technologies, and it also has a workforce that is already equipped with many of the skills that tech firms need.

For companies that want to compete in this advanced and ever-changing economy, it is important to have the resources that are needed. This includes the facilities to manufacture the products of the future, but also employees with the skills to do the work. This means that, along with other skills, there will be a high demand for Michigan solder training.

The instructors at BEST are some of the most experienced when it comes to providing solder training and certification. With training locations around the country and the BEST mobile training center, businesses have a range of options that can fit the needs of almost any employer. Contact the team from BEST for Michigan solder training and certification courses that are some of the most advanced available.